Vision, Mission, and Corporate Culture


Our vision

Determine to be the leader in the international market, ready to prosper and develop corporate sustainably.


our mission

1. To maximize shareholder value by building solid and sustainable businesses that yield optimal returns.

2. To operate businesses that are committed to good governance through transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels.

3. To continuously innovate designs and technologies to maintain our social responsibilities.

4. To provide equal opportunities for employees and support them throughout their careers.

5. To instil a shared vision among employees, stakeholders, customers and partners that will drive our businesses towards long-term success.


corporate culture

TCM Corporation PLC. aims to establish the core values of the brand’s culture among its employees based on a common vision and goal. These shared values will help harmonize the diversity within the organization and can be applied to any field of business and culture in which TCM Corporation is operating.

These values include:

1.    Trustworthiness - Established in 1967, the company has been in operation for over five decades and is listed on the SET.

2.    Competence - Belief in the company’s productive ability to meet global demands through diversified business operations.

3.    Modernity - Progress is sustained by continuously adapting products and services to meet the technology-driven, interconnected world and maintain a competitive edge in the expanding global economy.

4.    Creativity - TCM Corporation PLC. is always open to new opportunities, creative ideas and innovative designs.